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Research Highlights

Recombinant Gene Therapy in the preclinical phase for application in treating allergic conditions in collaboration with Century Pharmaceuticals and Hebrew University.

Translational Research in the area of Breast Cancer - in collaboration with the Nirman Foundation, USA.

Community Psychiatry Program in collaboration with MINDS foundation, USA is an ongoing program designed to deliver psychiatric services in the community - addressing the issues of awareness, stigma and mental health resource utilization.

Gastrointestinal Research with University of Memphis, USA in area of Ulcerative Colitis (identify gene associated with UC)

Metabolic Disorders with State University of new York at Buffalo, USA – esp. Diabetes and identification of precipitating gene for predicting Diabetes. Outcome will be path breaking as will enable prevention of Diabetes by simply life style modification.
Bariatric Surgery - a new answer to diabetes treatment ?
Stem Cell Research with IIT Chennai – to develop and promote stem cell research in various diseases.
HIV screening and development of Novel Anti HIV Vaginal Gel in collaboration with Laila Pharmaceuticals, Chennai
Participation in various Phase II and Phase III studies.
Nano Technology – Newer Drug Delivery System – NANOTECHNOLOGY – Already completed identifying new vehicles for drug deliver of vegetable origin and are now in phase of coupling with nano particles.
Research on Probiotics and its effect on Diarrhea.
MDR TB a continuous ongoing project to tackle the issue of MDR TB Tobacco and oral cancers early prevention strategies : developed a 2 point questionnaire to screen oral cancers
Stroke Registry of India – A unique database in association with St. John Hopkins Institute, Canada.
Developed an Instrument for atraumatic retraction of the gingival tissue for Subgingival Prosthodontic instrumentation
A novel tracer design to record centric relation incorporating the drawbacks of traditional Heights tracer design.
An equipment designed to cure light cure tray material and indirect composite resin and for adaptation of vacuum tray material.
Various Clinical Research Programs